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The year is 2068. Humankind has established a moon colony with a population of 300,000 inhabitants. They need supplies and the easiest way to send them is via the Moonlight Bazooka, a gas-powered launcher that shoots the containers into lunar orbit. Then one day the 078962-EK ship, best known as the ghost ship Flying Dutchman, docks after a 15-year journey, carrying the most precious energy resource known by humanity. Space travel is cruel since the travelers only age two years while the rest of humanity ages 15 in the process. The second OVA takes place around 100 years later—humanity now is trying to establish colonies in other solar systems, but the colonists still don't travel as one, and they carry with them their national identities and the seed of war. The planet where they find the most suitable colonization terrain soon shows them that living as separate beings in the universe is not a good way to survive.

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Anime-Supreme is currently running a Christmas special on donations. 5$ for a month of uncapped XDCC bot access and 20$ for a month of FTP access. (limited time deal available until the 25th)


Thanks to those of you who helped out and took advantage of our offer.

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The Twelve Kingdoms

十二国記, 12 Kokuki



Yoko Nakajima, an unhappy high school student, is one day suddenly faced with a strange man who swears allegiance to her. After a battle with demon-like beasts, he then takes her to another world along with two of her classmates. There, her appearance has changed and she can understand the language even though her classmates cannot. But their status as "Kaikyaku" (people who come from Earth) makes them hunted fugitives, so they wander the land of the 12 countries, simply trying to survive and to figure out the reason why they were brought to this world.

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